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General Updates
  • 30 September 2013: SPECIAL ORDERS/COLOURS -  please note that a 10% surcharge will be levied for orders/colours
  • 01 February 2013:

    We would like to update you of new additions and extra colourways on existing product lines introduced into our new catalogue/ range for 2013-2014. Please contact us if you need our new devlopments updated into your existing catalogue . 

    New developments include:

    1).Supertex LTD 210

    - This is a breathable waterproof /windproof fabric which is suitable for jackets and is seam sealable. It has a waterhead of 2000mm+ and is 145gms

    This comes in a range of 15 colours

    2)Riptech LTD 135

    - This is ripstop coated fabric which has a waterhead of 2000mm+ and is 130gms and is suitable for jackets and windbreakers etc . It is seam sealable windproof and waterproof with a degree of breathability. It comes in a range of 15 colours.

    3)Brushed Fleece LTD 240

    - This is a polyester fleece 240gms which is suitable for tracksuits , pants and jackets. It has a dull finish and is a high technical fabric which comes in Black, White and Navy as stock shades.

    4)Sports Spandex LTD 055

    - This is a high Tech moisture managed sports stretch fabric which also comes in Black ,White and Navy

    5)Rugby Tech MM LTD 125

    - This is a two way stetch PFP fabric 250gms for transfer printing of sports jerseys

    6)Fine Eyelet Mesh LTD 065

    - This mesh is available in Black, White and Navy.

    7)Lintex Soft Shell MM LTD 040

    - This highly technical two way stretch breathable waterproof fabric is ideal for jackets. It is laminated with micropolar fleece using a 10 000mm clear waterproof film . It is only available in black as a stock item.

    8)Drop Needle Sqaure MM LTD 110

    - This technical moisture managed fabric is suitable for Transfer printing and used in sports tops , particularly in cycling.

    9)Airtex Vesting LTD 105

    - This is a 120gm mesh which is used in digital printing as well as the sports industry

    10) Techno Tracksuit Liner LTD 011

    - This is a anti static breathable lining developed for tracksuits and other uses, treated with anti pill and is 150gms . We stock Black , White and Navy.

    11)Brushed Tricot LTD 115

    -This is 120gms and used for lining

    Additions to existing product lines

    1)Gaberdine LTD 400

    - New shades added : Black,White , and Navy

    2)Micro Active LTD 165

    - New shades added: Chocolate, Turquoise, Dark Navy, Dark Teal, Fern Green, Purple, Jade, and Cerise

    3)P /C twill LTD 045

    - New shades added: Fawn, Airforce, Charcoal

    4)New Spun PolyBirdseye LTD 021

    - New shades added: Lime, Orange,Hi Vis Yellow, Hi Vis Orange , Charcoal and Emarald

    5)Polar Fleece LTD 121

    - New Shades added: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Cerise, Orange , Lime, Turquoise and Saphire

    6)Polyester Schoolwear LTD 010

    - New shade added : Light Blue

    7)Pique LTD 005

    - New shades added: New Royal, New Red, New Bottle

    Please note

    : These three new shades replace the three old shades which have been discontinued

    8)Oxford LTD 140

    - New shades added: Chocolate, Sky Blue , Turquoise

    Please note:

    all our new Oxford arriving comes with a 2000mm waterhead which is seam sealable.

    9)Shepards Fleece LTD 123

    - New shade added: Stone

    10)Stiff Mesh LTD 129

    New shades added: Black and Navy onto the existing Hi Vis Yellow and Hi Vis Orange colours


    We are continuously striving to bring new developments and to grow our innovative leading position in the market.

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